Sunday, 1 February 2015

Love and pop and sparkle from our studio shop

We're constructing a wee little shop in the front of our studio, much like last years little Valentine's event. Only this year we're open for two Saturdays in a row! On the 7th and the 14th of February 2015 from 11am - 5pm you'll be able to pop in to see us and pick up everything you might need for St. Valentine's big day.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015

Sore heads and Christmas hangovers. Cold and baron January must be the hardest month of the year to allocate for reinventing yourself right? That resolution stuff is hard. We've come up with a few that our little studio team in Margate are going to try and keep up with that aren't too gruelling and relentless. No sweetie omission, no ban on the things that make us grin, just little attempts to be slightly tweaked versions of our already pretty okay selves. Here it goes...

Try and stay organised - but make it fun!
We've all secretly fallen in love with Filofax here in a big way, and 2015 has been decided as the year that we are going to look at the way we organise and make it more engaging. If you put something in a bright pink leather - I'll want it in my handbag. Chuck glitter on a pencil case? I'll want that in there too. So a trip to the sticker store has been planned and we've ordered in our body weight in "oh-my-Goodness-what-cool-pens!" pens, all to make keeping on track one of the fun parts of the day that we never fail to do.

Look after the plants, and the people too.
All things need a little bit of nurturing in order to bloom. We made a decision to keep a loving eye on all the plant life we have in the studio (bless the cacti, for they need nearly no watering!) and it's been decided that looking after ourselves is just as important too. A hard working business needs a team that is healthy, happy, and focused, so allocated time for fun and things that keep us cheered and human are getting written in to those colourful Filofaxes of ours. Work to be alive, don't be alive to work.

Make good art.
Some things don't immediately bring in the green, and playing around with paint and patterns for no good reason doesn't always end up in printed furniture or products. Yet investigative colour and mark making is the foundation for all the things we end up delivering to our customers, and this year we're making sure we prioritise finger painting and crayon scribbles. You just never know what they might start off.