Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Bootfair finds

Now, I found these things on Sunday at my local bootfair. Altogether they cost me fourty pee. Wow. I must have been having a bit of a yellow day, but I really wanted to take a photo and thought I'd put them as my second post. As per usual the things I am most drawn too are things that feature in my work too, and the tea cosy is a great reflection of the teeny patchworking I've been tackling recently. I'm not really a tea cosy 'person', I do like this!
The handwriting book was so nice looking and I change my own so much I was really interested to see what it said about me. Lets see.... ''Letters disconnected, large upper and lower zones with full loops (?!), irregular writing = Imagination'' .... I'm happy with that!
The cardboard box is something that I didn't even pay for, nothing criminal, I simply found it outside the bootfair on the ground. Not really something that other people would find very interesting, but it looks like a real fifties type of package. The print is very crude and its completely sunbleached on one side - I absolutely love it! It reminds me so much of the 'wrongwoods' drawers by Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong (second picture), a pair that I found while researching for my own print onto furniture. Little free box I love you.

Monday, 14 July 2008

My first post

Weeeeee! Well, its been a long time since I did anything that was new so believe it or not a first post is pretty exciting! I have just finished a Printed Textiles degree at Loughborough University and graduated with a first. A week spent exhibiting in Brick Lane and then at the New Designer showcase in Islington was a whole lot of fun for me and the girls....and as usual, a lot of hard work as well. Without a break I've been creating work and updating the website ever since, so I still can't remember what eight hours of sleep feels like! Still enjoying every minute of what I do, and trying to improve the world through good design as ever. Now I am about to try the 'upload a photo' feature for the first time too! What a great day :D .......