Monday, 14 July 2008

My first post

Weeeeee! Well, its been a long time since I did anything that was new so believe it or not a first post is pretty exciting! I have just finished a Printed Textiles degree at Loughborough University and graduated with a first. A week spent exhibiting in Brick Lane and then at the New Designer showcase in Islington was a whole lot of fun for me and the girls....and as usual, a lot of hard work as well. Without a break I've been creating work and updating the website ever since, so I still can't remember what eight hours of sleep feels like! Still enjoying every minute of what I do, and trying to improve the world through good design as ever. Now I am about to try the 'upload a photo' feature for the first time too! What a great day :D .......


gregoryaldridge said...

You're a Birchington girl, what's all this Margate nonsense in your profile!
Very good work though, impressive!

Zoe Murphy said...

Ha ha, Greg you snob! Margates the only Town near us before.. Ramsgate? Schooled there, worked there and spent all of my youth there. Besides, it had too many letters to fit on the furniture! ha ha.

I'm setting up a studio in Margate soon so come and visit! (mum says hello)

camille said...

I love it! are you selling your work? because I will be ready to buy it.


Paige Thompson said...

You are soooooo talented. WOW I'm so very glad I went to your site.
Love, Love, Love and did I mention LOVE your work. Oh my how FAB your pieces are that are on this site. If I wasen't in the US I would be at your shop tomorow. You are Briliant. Sure will enjoy following your site to see what wonderful pieces you come up with and to watch you become one of the top Designers in the Universe and beyond. Your Angel Wings will take you any where you'd like to go. Get ready for a really FAB trip.