Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Back from Tent London.

What a week! Or couple of weeks really. I have not been anywhere near my blog for quite some time as the run up to Tent London was every bit as busy as I thought it would be. I was lucky enough to be featured in The Evening Standard, The Observer, The Metro and Grazia all during design week - press can be seen on the website, and had a brilliant interest from visitors to the stand. Thank you to everyone who took time to visit the show and even more time to talk to me. As much as I love people watching, the days still became very long!

Now that I am back and preparing to get into the new studio, a lot of time is being spent replying to emails, filling in orders, updating the site...and making new work! I have several orders for upcycled 'Margate drawers' already and looking forward to applying the look onto other styles of retro furniture too (enter dressing tables and sideboards!). Keep an eye on the site for any updates and email me if you would like any information on how to get a set for yourself! :D

I have posted the last picture taken of me at Tent London with the TalentZone sign (huge thing). I look tired and pleased and that is exactly how I felt - A great week.

Over and out.


catherine & brett said...

i found your website through a article about tent london, and just wanted to say how wonderful i think your designs are!

Chris said...

I just stumbled over to your blog from another blog (I can't even remember from where!) but I really like it. You have wonderful talent and a great writing style. Thanks for letting me visit :)

Sarah-Jayne Guest said...

i just read your comment on my terrible and incomplete blog, i must do something about that. loving your work, IT ROCKS!

Taluka Tent said...

Zeo you are a good designer...

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