Saturday, 4 October 2008

A guide to Margate - 1956

You know I was saying about coincidences? Well my dear friend Sarah Home was reaching for a 'Girls Own' annual in a Cambridge junk shop the other day when she found this gem of a book underneath it! The 1956 Margate tourist board guide to my hometown. Full of saturated and modestly posed loveliness, I can't think of anything more appropriate. And a TOURIST GUIDE as well! It is just perfect!! This will definately get me through Christmas when the Margate summer inspiration has dried up.

I live for moments like this.
Thankyou so much Sarah.

I have posted some pictures below but there is just too much of it to fit in. It came with a train timetable, a map and a brochure of events for the summer of 1956.


Chris said...

How cool is that? Wow. It's so neat to look back at all that stuff from eons ago.

When I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon (in Kauai), my husband and I saw the Cocoa Palms hotel, which had been destroyed by Hurricane Iniki. But we found some online travel brochures from the '60s that were much like the ones you show here. Absolutely fascinating, and very "of the era" as far as photography, commentary, etc. I must say that the hotel looked just as cheesy back then, lol.

MA said...

Really lovely! There's a nice photo group for Margate on flickr. Would be nice to have you there.