Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Bank holiday booty.

If I don't mention now I will forget completely, but I had an amazing bank holiday weekend at the bootfairs. We have at least three near us on any given Sunday of the summer, and I most definitely have a favourite. The least professional looking with the hand painted signs and the junkiest stalls is always a winner for me - and for everyone else it seems, as it is always packed! This weekend I decided to visit the same bootfair on both Sunday and Monday morning and absolutely cleaned up! I spent £30 over the whole two days, and bought:

4 pieces of clothing
1 typewriter
1 casserole dish
1 retro tea set
1 floral tray
1 set of pyrex dishes
1 T&G green mixing bowl (favourite brand)
1 teak bureau
1 homemaker side dish
4 books
1 pair of shoes
1 teak mirror
4 embroidery threads
2 pieces of dolls house furniture (too veneer and print on - they are going to be brilliant!)
1 bacon sandwich
1 burger (thomas)
2 mugs of tea
1 festival ice cream

How good?! Get to your bootfairs people!! x


Lynne said...

Sounds brilliant! A very productive weekend indeed - and I love that typewriter.

Patchwork Harmony said...

oh my goodness, you really did clean up! wanna see more pics! ;)

Chris said...

Very cool! I love finding good stuff like that :)

Cidinha said...

I request your permission to use photos to make a post on its work, with link to your page.