Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Great British Creativity

I am a pretty enthusiastic person at the best of times, but I had no IDEA I would catch Olympic fever to quite the degree that I have in the past week. To be honest though, why did I ever think that I wouldn't? To see a person, young or old, be the very best at something, and representing all of the people that they share a nation with in doing so - I could grab a flag (I have one, very near) and cheer right now at the very thought of it. The connotations of such a strong will to support talent and develop personal skill has spread right into other areas for me though. I want to work harder at what I do, to an Olympian level even, and get behind everyone in my country who has had the same kick up the bum! I guess that's part of what they are talking about when they refer to the 'legacy' of the games.

I think the lovely folks at We Heart had the same spark of this feeling long before I did, as they interviewed me a few weeks ago for part of their 'Create GB' feature.

"Aiming to celebrate Great British Creativity, our Create GB project will see the pages of We Heart brimming with up-and-coming British creatives in the four weeks leading up to the London 2012 Olympics. From illustration to fashion design, art to food and drink, Create GB will showcase our tradition for convention-prodding creativity…"

I'm posting the interview here because it's a great opportunity for me to talk about the inspiration I've had from living in a host nation, and it's also a lovely little article with some good questions you might not have heard me answer before. Enjoy!

(Go team GB!!)

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gabrielle said...

Really enjoyed your interview and am already a big fan of your work. Margate is next on my list of places to visit too! I know what you mean by the Olympics inspiring you to be the best you can in whatever you do. For me it started with the opening ceremony, I thought it so perfectly summed up the creative, quirky, historical, eccentric British spirit and made me feel so proud to be a Brit.