Tuesday, 24 February 2009

NEC Springfair and climbing the walls

Another fun thing I've done since Christmas (they just keep on a-comin don't they!) was to pay a visit to the NEC Springfair to draw illustrations onto the walls of the Momiji stand. It was freeezing cold, hence the beanie hat clamped to my head, and I spent a fun day running up and down a ladder doodling onto the walls. The look this year was that of a sort of urban loft with mock concrete walls and retro furniture - I loved it! The pictures aren't too clear but it was a nice and creative day and you can see more about the event on their blog.

Au Revoir Margate... for a week anyway.

Just before Christmas I received some wonderful news from a representative of Maison & Objets in Paris. I was invited to exhibit at 'Meuble Paris', the furniture show part of the 'Maison' Fairs. So at the end of January I found myself in the French capital with a 3mx5m stand to fill at the most enormous show I have ever been to, and all for free! It was by far the most awe inspiring thing I have taken part in yet, and I was the only English ... and female.. one out of the five 'Tremplins' asked to exhibit. What a week! I was also lucky enough to get called over to Paris before Christmas for a photo shoot and had a picture of my work make it into the main catalog - a big big honour, and welcome press. It was a great week and I had the chance to show people from all over the world pictures and prints about Margate, ha ha. So fun.

Special thanks has to go to Amy Thackeray, an adorable friend of mine who worked hard with me for the whole week. Bless you girl!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Christmas work

In the run up to Christmas I found myself making a lot of chests and a few other interesting projects as well! I won't post them all on here, I will save it for the site update (soon soon soon) and for now will simply upload a few not-so-great shots of pieces I have made for some lovely people in London, Brighton, and beyond. So this is a very brief second installment regarding my busy winter, and a note to say keep your eyes peeled on the site....

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Ingoldsby gallery - a return to Margate.

Hooray! I love this gallery. Two ladies who have supported me a great deal and have always been hugely positive about the pieces. The Ingoldsby Gallery in Margate is a brand new venue in that had its first show in November and opened with, among other great things, a showcase of my work. I produced a collection of recycled pieces that included an arm chair, a chest, cushions, a new footstool, side table, wall pieces, and more. They sold plenty over Christmas and I now have a fresh lot of pieces available from this cute little place in the old town. I have been working hard to show my work to people all over the world, but it is still very important to me that it can be seen in the area that started it all. Appropriate. Below are some quick snaps of the November pieces in the gallery - note the gorgeous wooden floors... lovely!

A busy first christmas...

WHAT a winter! And so begins the long overdue update/s on where on earth I have been for the last two months. Apologies and thanks to everyone who has been following the site and blog, when starting out I never imagined how quickly things would develop and I have been up to some really exciting things over Christmas and the new year. Working hard, learning a LOT, traveling a little, and meeting some fantastic people. So stay tuned as I make a solemn promise to use the next five or so days to fill in on any developments - they're pretty fun....