Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Printed furniture for Cave Interiors, Primrose Hill

Last year I had the brilliant opportunity to make some work for the very talented Georgina Cave of Cave Interiors in Primrose Hill. Her interior design studio, based in a particularly beautiful part of London, goes to great lengths to both support UK designers, and commission customised work for their clients. The table above is one of a series of three pebble tables I printed for Cave Interiors. They went down so well that they have commissioned me to produce some more pieces for their showroom, and this May I delivered a further nest of striped tables and a decorated magazine rack.
If you'd like to see more of the new pieces, then stop into the Cave Interiors showroom on Princess Road, Primrose Hill.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Pie Days and Holidays

It's all kicking off in Margate at the moment with the opening of the Turner Contemporary. One of the (quite simply) fantastic projects that has been happening in the buzzy run up to the event is the 'Pie Days and Holidays' - Margate food stories collection. This inventive Taxonomy, the brainchild of artist Sophie Herxheimer and Kate Kneale of Marine Studios, has seen illustrated stories collected around the town from it's residents - all about food. This is a project that Sophie has used before as a means of showcasing the colourful social histories of everyday people in a regular town. In 'Thames Festival Feast on the Bridge' Sophie collected stories about food (good/bad/funny/sad/secret/home/abroad/snacks/meals) and screen printed them, in her own illustrative style, onto tablecloths for a huge community feast. She has this year succeeded in collecting a further 175 food stories from Margate, and created a wonderful exhibition of them, illustrating just how diverse and interesting the funny folk of this town are.

Starting out as a simple attempt to get to know the residents better, the project has grown into an exhibition, a feast (of all of the described foods), a limited edition book, and decoration for the boarded up shopfronts of Margate!

My brother and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to tell Sophie our food stories - mine being about sausages - and I was completely enchanted by the idea. I even won a 'gingerbread Mermaid' for my enthusiasm about the whole thing, which is a whole new food anecdote in itself! In my opinion, food is everything as it is in the family, the everyday, it is reward & punishment, occasion & solitude, and for that reason everyone has a food story. A lot of an individuals personality is given away by the stories they tell about the things they eat.

If you want to hear some audio on the project, the BBC featured it in their Food Programme, and you can STILL get down to the exhibition as it has been extended until the 28th April, see the website for details. The idea is brilliant, the stories are wonderful, the boards look so colourful, and I am going to buy the book.

Here I am!

Hands up if you hate being behind. Yup. Me too.

It has been far too long since I last posted, and that is mostly due to taking part in too many interesting things and not having enough time to write about them! So here I am, to fill in on the years events, and endeavor to keep news up to date. Meet you back here at least once a week okay? Great. :D