Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Au Revoir Margate... for a week anyway.

Just before Christmas I received some wonderful news from a representative of Maison & Objets in Paris. I was invited to exhibit at 'Meuble Paris', the furniture show part of the 'Maison' Fairs. So at the end of January I found myself in the French capital with a 3mx5m stand to fill at the most enormous show I have ever been to, and all for free! It was by far the most awe inspiring thing I have taken part in yet, and I was the only English ... and female.. one out of the five 'Tremplins' asked to exhibit. What a week! I was also lucky enough to get called over to Paris before Christmas for a photo shoot and had a picture of my work make it into the main catalog - a big big honour, and welcome press. It was a great week and I had the chance to show people from all over the world pictures and prints about Margate, ha ha. So fun.

Special thanks has to go to Amy Thackeray, an adorable friend of mine who worked hard with me for the whole week. Bless you girl!

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Patchwork Harmony said...

wow! your stand looks fab! congrats!
I saw your work at a show in London last summer, its gorgeous. x