Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Any one see me on the telly box?

This.... is a re-post. A tidy up of the blog is in order.

Just over a week ago I managed to get myself on the television, did anybody hear about that? Half of South East kent did! I was interviewed by BBC South East Today for a short bit about my work and Margate, and half way through a day of filming had to leg it up to a landline to be interviewed on Kent Radio - live and terrified!!

Hoping to post more details about this soon, and to one day find a digital copy of both events. For now I will just say - interview with beach cleaner about my work, a very squinty Zoe in the bright sunshine, and a unplanned glimpse of Matt in a t-shirt reading 'My mustache brings all the girls to the yard'....brilliant!!

Thanks to both the reporter and the radio host, a fab day. Builders have been recognising me ever since - very welcome!

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