Thursday, 2 July 2009

But I thought I was cool??...

I thought I was pretty up to date with the technojabble (making it clear I'm probably not), but realised this week I have neither a flikr account nor a twitter one. Facebook is old hat apparently and so I have decided to raise myself grumpily out of my armchair, take the pipe from between my teeth, and set up some new accounts.

This works out pretty well actually because... should anyone want too... they can now see a lot more about what I'm up to through photos and, erm,... musings?.. on my flickr and twitter.

Yaaay! :D


Holly said...

Zoe my love...check out my blog page for info on Talking Threads- the new textile TV show I'm involved in.

Holly said...

Zoe! the promo video for "Talking Threads" is now out! Check out my blog! xxxx