Saturday, 23 August 2008

Busy day

Today I went to meet a lovely lady called Janet and viewed her oh-so-nearly-finished artist studios in Margate. They are in the old town part as she is renovating the old Pie Factory there. It's brilliant!!! They are going to be a hub of creative designers and artists upstairs and a bistro/gallery downstairs. So fingers crossed, the Margate girl will soon be truly that again! I then met up with Heather Sawney who is the Arts Development Officer for Thanet Council and we had a coffee and an insightful chat. I have not recently met someone so dedicated and enthusiastic about their job, she is a real inspiration to be around. (From the number of people that stopped to talk to her on our morning together - she seems an absolute essential to the local artists and designers too.) She is setting up a very important website that will showcase the work of designers, artists, and makers in our part of the South East called 'Isle Arts', it is looking really great so far.

Just another doodle as like the title reads, busy day. I have travelled down to Bournemouth for the weekend to visit my dear Nana, she is the young lady on the left, people often get us mixed up....

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