Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Up late Tuesday.

Todays drawing, just a doodle - not a very interesting one and poorly shot at that. I have been busy today. I have prepared more Formica pieces, organised silks for new cushions, sourced materials, tested the dyes (starting up a whole new dye recipe book), updated emails, stopped to have some nachos, dyed said silk pieces, designed the prints for the new cushions, doodled, blogged,... and its now a quarter to 2am! That is more LIKE it! I have that tired and zoned out feeling that you get when you can stop working because it is all going so well. Tomorrow will suffer for it, but I'm pleased with what I've done today and you just can't beat that.


frillip moolog: said...

Great news about Tent Zoe. I met you at Brick lane earlier this summer. Also good to see that you're blogging. I'm still at the early stages. I know about working hard. But it does pay off as you've found out already! Your blog has made me feel that mine's a bit boring. I'm still deciding what I want to be public about. There's quite a bit that I like to keep private. Deep thought!!

zoe said...

Hi Kirsty, thankyou for your kind comments about my blog, I hope you enjoyed our summer exhibition. I am thrilled to have been chosen to exhibit at Tent and am really looking forward to the show!

That certainly is a deep thought regarding privacy on blogs, and there are plently of people who consider that to remain slightly conservative is a more professional approach. However, I have always spoken very frankly about my thoughts, work and processes and often find that part of my appeal to others as a designer is the personality I inject into the things I do. I find my blog a useful way of generating a more relaxed and easily updated version of my website information. As my work is inspired by such personal observation and subject matter, I hope to use this page as a tool for people to learn more about me. After all, my creativity and ethics are foremost in all parts of my life not just my design work, and I live and breathe what I do.

So, another deep thought! Ha ha. I hope all is well with you and perhaps we will meet again during design week.