Monday, 18 August 2008

A drawing a day

Hmmkay. I have taken it upon myself to start a mid year resolution. I am going to try and find the time to make more drawings, for as long as possible and for absolutely no other reason at all apart from I think it is a fun idea. They might be doodles, scribbles, oil painted masterpieces, or if I'm poorly - perhaps just a shape made in croutons in my soup. However, the commitment is there, lets see how this goes....

Day one. Monday 18th Aug 2007
No particular reason for the subject, as will be the case for most of the posts, but I thought I would scribble a Stag. As per usual things developed, and I decided to put it on a screen. Originally the idea was to make some prints on paper but I ended up printing it onto a tee shirt instead! I think I will give this to my lovely boy for his birthday (hence a song quote on the inside of the neck) but may pull a few more as it's still on the screen.

So, drawing number one got quite productive! I will NOT be doing this every time....I don't think.... :D

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