Saturday, 30 August 2008

New cushions!

Recycled wedding dress silk 'Margate' cushions. My goodness, I have been working very hard on these but I am very pleased with them. Bright no? They will be available on the site soon and are an example of pieces I am looking to consistently produce and stock with recycled materials. I have VERY quickly taken a photo so the styling in these pictures leaves an incredible amount to be desired, ha ha, but soon I hope to take some better ones. I'm thinking of having them peeping out of the chest of drawers etc. The fronts are made from recycled silk and are all hand printed, and the backs are all different colours of reclaimed fabrics. A fourth and final design for the range is on the way but I have yet to print them, I thought I would get something on here first. A drawing a day has momentarily been put aside for this latest drive of ideas, but the results look great!

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